Strategic Planning


Do you know where you're going? Are you creating your organization's future, or stumbling toward a constantly moving target?
RDP Consulting Services is one of the premier strategic planning consulting firms in Pittsburgh. Our projects are custom designed for our clients, but each one includes the following components:

Up-Front Planning and Assessment: we do an in depth pre-planning assessment to gauge the organization's needs. We gather information around values, vision, mission and the internal environment.

Team building and Planning Retreat: We design and conduct an initial retreat to help participants understand the process and come together on issues such as organization's vision and mission, individual roles and responsibilities, internal strengths and weaknesses, and to train participants in the skills necessary to participate in and facilitate the process.

Environmental Scan and Internal Audit: During this stage, we conduct comprehensive SWOT research (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). We use a combination of surveys, focus groups, individual interviews, and documentation/publication review in the investigation. We work closely with the organization's leadership to determine who should be contacted in this stage of the planning process.

Long Range Objective Setting and Strategy Development: We bring together key people to identify issues affecting the organization , develop objectives that respond to those issues, and devise strategies for reaching the objectives. The strategies will meet criteria identified by the participants, and will be specific and measurable. Accountability for reaching each objective will be assigned, along with resources needed and deadlines.

Written Plan: We provide reports to our clients that outline the strategic planning process in specific detail, including the results of the research, training and retreats conducted.

Evaluation and Follow-Up: Since dynamic and effective strategic planning is an ongoing process, we provide ongoing support for our clients as they move forward in implementing their strategic visions. We work with key people to ensure that all parties maintain a uniform understanding of where the organization is headed and to confirm that common objectives are agreed upon.

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