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As the problems of educating our young people become more complex, violence is on the increase among students, and issues of diversity and equity surface tensions and conflict. Schools are challenged to do more with fewer resources, to manage creatively, and to motivate diverse groups of students. RDP Consulting Services works closely with school administrators to help them develop the skills and resources to understand the nature of change in their schools, and to manage and reduce conflict to improve educational outcomes for all students. Through mediation, workshops, presentations, and student advisory councils, we help teachers, students, administrators and board members to work together to create and shape processes for managing change and conflict. The focus of our work includes helping educators to:

  • Explore their values and belief systems and develop equitable treatment of all students.
  • Build bridges of communication among all segments of the school environment.
  • Design and develop approaches to problem solving and conflict resolution that meets the needs of their staff and students.
  • Uncover impediments to academic success so that they can redefine teaching methods.
  • Recognize their potential as innovators and put their training experience, and abilities to the best use.
  • Effectively involve parents and other community representatives in educating students and supporting their schools.
  • Manage the search and selection processes for senior school officials.

Our services have been proven to be effective in reconciling diverse points of view among school board members. RDP facilitation services reinforce the benefits of focusing the energy of all stakeholders on improving educational outcomes for all students.

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