A Sampling of Our Previous and Current Projects


Our firm facilitated diversity awareness/inclusion workshops for the senior management and Bureau staff. Our sessions were designed to enhance the Bureau's leadership role in assuring that Western Pennsylvania continues to be recognized as a welcoming place for world visitors. See Reference Letter

The entire staff of the Renaissance Hotel participated in Diversity Awareness Sessions to assure the Hotel's commitment was uniformly reinforced.

Planning for Inclusion
RDP Consulting Services worked with Highmark over a two year period. In 2000, Highmark undertook a diversity study to understand how well it was doing in the area of diversity management. As a result of the research (conducted by RDP), we worked with Highmark to design, develop and implement a multi-faceted initiative to assess strengths in the work environment and find ways to leverage those strengths as the organization continues to grow. Planning for Inclusion involved not only training managers in how to be more effective with a more diverse workforce, but also instructed them on workplace discrimination law so they could be sure they were complying in their day to day management practices; in addition, a comprehensive thinking program was implemented with more than 300 middle managers, in which they came together in intensive sessions to develop strategies for building a more inclusive and collaborative work environment. See Reference Letter

Leadership Development
In an intensive, one-year program, we work with a select group of potential leaders from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to prepare them to step into leadership and lead effectively. Through hands-on, exploratory activity; readings; field visits; and lectures by known leaders national and regional, students in the Leadership Development Institute understand what leadership is, and their own leadership strengths, work together as a team to undertake a project for enhancing their organization, and take part in experiences designed for cross-fertilization of ideas as they see how other successful organizations develop leaders and practice effective leadership.

Leadership Development
In a six-month program, a group of select individuals took part in personal and team exploration activities to help them discover their own leadership potential. Then, as a group, they worked together on a group project designed to move their organization forward, and also on individual projects in which they took initiative to address challenges in their own departments. The third six month session began in August 2002. See Reference Letter

Strategic and Organizational Planning
With a unique approach, we worked with Pressley Ridge to develop the organization's strategic plan in 1999. In 2001, we worked with the organization again to conduct an intensive assessment of the organization's work environment, structure, leadership potential and succession planning, and make recommendations for a strategic approach to preparing the organization for future leadership transitions.

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