Retreat Planning


RDP Consulting Services has two decades of experience in assisting clients in the design of effective retreats. Our Retreat Planning services will guide clients in creating a valuable experience for all who attend. Our comprehensive planning process includes attention to the following key issues:

  • Why is a retreat necessary?
    Retreats are typically conducted to focus the combined talents and perspectives toward common goals that can include (1) to develop a common agenda for advancing the mission of the organization, (2) to improve relationships and build higher levels of team effectiveness, (3) to create the safety to surface and discuss controversial (divisive) issues, (4) to collectively plan for cultural change, and (5) to develop strategies to address major opportunities and/or threats.
  • What are the goals of the retreat?
    It is imperative that the goals of the retreat are clearly articulated before sending our invitations to participants. RDP representatives will assist our client in clearly discerning the outcomes to be achieved.
  • How long should the retreat last?
    Retreats typically last a minimum of a full workday. Retreats that require overnight stays must be carefully planned. The agenda will be designed to maximize the time spent by all participants.
  • Who should attend?
    A retreat can be ineffective if the appropriate planning team members are not present. Our services will assist in assuring invitations are tendered to all stakeholders necessary to secure effective planning outcomes.
  • Retreat design: RDP consultants will guide a planning process that will address (1) where is the best location to hold the retreat [including costs], (2) how the room should be set up, (3) scheduling of breakout sessions, (4) when breaks should be taken, (5) placement and access to refreshments (including meals), and (5) determining if pre-meetings or pre-work is required.
  • Role of the facilitator: The RDP consulting team has decades of experience in facilitating diverse kinds of retreats. Our staff will design a clear set of facilitator guidelines to assure the retreat is guided in the most effective manner possible.

Please contact RDP Consulting Services to set up a meeting to plan for your next retreat. Our cost effective services can assure your next retreat is a success.

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