Managing Diversity - The interplay of dramatic technology expansion and shifting demographics has led to great changes to the most fundamental ways in which we work and do business. How is your organization addressing the human challenges that emerge from great change? <learn more>   Leadership Development - LEADERSHIP has emerged as one of the most critical organizational competencies as the work environment changes and new challenges emerge. Strong leaders drive their organizations to new levels of performance by challenging the status quo, fostering collaboration, and inspiring and empowering others. Leadership Is an Ability That Can Be Taught and Learned. Every person has a set of talents that, if discovered and tapped, can be expanded and enhanced to develop an effective leader. <learn more>
Strategic Planning - Do you know where you're going? Are you creating your organization's future, or stumbling toward a constantly moving target?
RDP Consulting Services is one of the premier strategic planning consulting firms in Pittsburgh. <learn more>
  Training & Facilitation - We can help you maximize the effectiveness of your planning, problem solving and idea generation efforts through top notch facilitation that brings in the value of an outside perspective along with solid, efficient processes for helping people do their best thinking. <learn more>
Retreat Planning - RDP Consulting Services has two decades of experience in assisting clients in the design of effective retreats. Our Retreat Planning services will guide clients in creating a valuable experience for all who attend.
<learn more>
  Conflict Resolution - Conflict is part of normal human experience, and all organizations experience some level of conflict and tension, especially during times of stress, such as restructuring, economic downturns, and other factors that cause environments to fluctuate. RDP Consulting Services has worked extensively with organizations of all types to develop strategies for resolving conflict. <learn more>
Services for Schools - As the problems of educating our young people become more complex, violence is on the increase among students, and issues of diversity and equity surface tensions and conflict. Schools are challenged to do more with fewer resources, to manage creatively, and to motivate diverse groups of students. <learn more>    
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