Leadership Development


Is your organization prepared to lead in times of change and transition?
LEADERSHIP has emerged as one of the most critical organizational competencies as the work environment changes and new challenges emerge. Strong leaders drive their organizations to new levels of performance by challenging the status quo, fostering collaboration, and inspiring and empowering others. Leadership Is an Ability That Can Be Taught and Learned. Every person has a set of talents that, if discovered and tapped, can be expanded and enhanced to develop an effective leader.

The RDP Consulting Services Leadership Development Initiative uses a combination of empirical and discovery learning techniques, through which individuals:

  • understand their organizations' challenges and leadership needs.
  • explore their own individual leadership challenges and opportunities through a process of self-assessment, self-development, and peer learning.
  • practice leadership techniques and skills through hands-on approaches, comprehensive study of current thinking, and observation of proven leaders at work.

This unique, intensive program will guide a team of your organization's leaders through an experience that will forever change their perspectives. The program transforms their abilities as they see and understand themselves and each other in new ways. Participants create opportunities in the workplace to drive meaningful, positive change, and learn how to transfer their learning to others in their work environment.

As a result, your organization will become more effective in:

  • collaborating across functional and organizational boundaries...
  • attracting top talent by creating a desirable work environment...
  • innovating more effectively to increase market share and competitive advantage...
  • functioning as a cohesive team...
  • serving a diverse clientele with excellence...
  • motivating employees to do their best work and reach their full potential.

What You Get with the RDP Consulting Services Leadership Development Initiative:

  • A six or twelve-month program that is comprehensive and challenging
  • A diverse team of experienced facilitators that works intensively with a small group of leaders from your organization, using a variety of learning activities that address multiple learning styles:
  • A hands-on, experiential program that results not only in intellectual learning, but real behavioral change as a result of that learning.
  • A program that is customized to your organization's particular challenges and opportunities, as the participants work together on a leadership project in the workplace.
  • Exposure to the latest thinking on leadership, through readings and field visits to individuals and organizations that have proven themselves to be effective, innovative leaders.
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