Conflict Resolution


Conflict is part of normal human experience, and all organizations experience some level of conflict and tension, especially during times of stress, such as restructuring, economic downturns, and other factors that cause environments to fluctuate. RDP Consulting Services has worked extensively with organizations of all types to develop strategies for resolving conflict. We use a unique train-the-trainer approach, so that our clients develop the skills and resources to manage conflict self sufficiently. Our conflict resolution services are custom designed for our client organizations, depending upon the particular type of conflict they are experiencing, the resources available, within the organization to address the conflict, and the general environment of the organization. RDP has been effective in addressing conflict that polarizes diverse segments of communities around issues of race and economic status. Our services guide community stakeholders in focusing on definable outcomes for targeted constituencies. We work to identify sources of conflict and developing the necessary steps needed to overcome it. Throughout this process, we focus on the following key issues:

  • Enhancing participants' communication skills, focusing especially on listening.
  • Identifying core problems rather than symptoms, to ensure that all participants understand the source of conflict and can work effectively to overcome it.
  • Establishing win-win scenarios
  • Guiding participants in developing the language skills to avoid "hot" words that exacerbate tensions.

Our services can be structured to include workshops to better understand the use of strategies including building consensus, negotiating, and collaborative problem solving.

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